Team members discussing about project.
Team members discussing about project.

Protection for the unimaginable

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Your current policies cover everyday occurrences that have everyday outcomes. Umbrella policies cover unexpected, serious occurrences that have extraordinary outcomes. Nobody wants to think about tragic events that seem like a farfetched nightmare, but the real nightmare is if a tragic event happens and you’re not protected.

Why do I need umbrella insurance?


An umbrella policy protects your assets and peace of mind at an affordable price.

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Imagine this…

We just had an ice storm. Your delivery guy is quickly dropping off a package, but he slips and falls on the steps after you just salted.

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Will you be protected?

We hope this never happens, but if it does, you may find yourself facing serious legal and medical issues that are greater than the limits of your insurance.

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Rest easy…

With an Arbella umbrella policy, your liability and legal fees are covered, up to the umbrella policy limit.

We all know accidents don’t just happen at home. Your Arbella umbrella policy follows you wherever you go—in your car, even internationally.

Call your local independent insurance agent and see how Arbella umbrella coverage can help protect your future.

Save a bundle.

Switch to Arbella and when we insure your home and auto, you could save 20% or more.
Homeowners Insurance

Sleep well knowing you’re covered from those Shaker shingles to that back patio.

Renters Insurance

Protect all the things you own from accidents like theft, building fire, or damage from a dishwasher gone haywire.

Car Insurance

Whether it’s the open road or the daily commute, your vehicles and passengers deserve the best protection.

Insurance for New Englanders

Arbella sells insurance through local independent agents, and we work with some of the best in the area. They live and work where you do, and their expert advice given with a personal touch can make all the difference in getting you the insurance you really need.