Privacy Letter

Dear Valued Policyholder:


Your trust is our most important asset. This includes the trust that we will keep the information you provide to us secure and treat it only as permitted by law. This notice tells you about the policy we have adopted and the practices that we use in handling the information you furnish to us.


  • We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with federal regulations to guard your nonpublic personal information.
  • We restrict access to your nonpublic personal information to those employees who need to know it in order to provide products and services to you, and we train our employees on how to handle and protect that information.
  • We do not disclose any nonpublic personal information about you to any affiliate or non-affiliated third party other than those permitted by law and only for the purpose of transacting the business of your insurance coverage or your claim.


We may collect nonpublic personal information about you from the following sources:

  • Directly from you (on insurance applications or other forms you fill out, or through telephone or in-person interviews), such as your name, address, telephone number, and social security number.
  • From your transactions with us, our affiliates or others, such as your premium payment history.
  • From third parties, such as other companies or government agencies, such as your driving record or claims history.
  • From medical professionals or medical records, such as information necessary to adjust claims.
  • From inspections or photos taken of your property, such as information about the value or condition of property proposed for coverage.
  • From consumer reporting agencies, such as your credit history. Upon request, we will tell you how to get a copy of this report. The agency that prepares the report for us may retain the report and disclose it to others as permitted by law.


We do not disclose nonpublic information about our customers or former customers, except as permitted by law. That means that we may disclose information to:

  • Third parties who perform professional, insurance, or business functions for us.
  • Insurance institutions, agents or consumer reporting agencies in connection with any application, policy or claim involving you or your policy.
  • Claims adjusters, appraisers and others to defend or settle claims involving your policy.
  • Medical professionals or medical institutions to verify coverage or conduct an audit of services.
  • A group policyholder to provide information regarding the status of a claim, to report claim experience or to conduct an audit of our operations or services.
  • An insurance regulatory authority in connection with the regulation of our business, or to a law enforcement agency, governmental authority or other authorized person or institution to protect our legal interests, detect or prevent insurance fraud or criminal activity, or as otherwise permitted or required by law.
  • Businesses that conduct scientific or actuarial research. 
  • Lienholders, mortgagees, lessors or other persons having a legal or beneficial interest in your property.


You have the right to request access to the personal information that we record about you, to have reasonable access to it and to receive a copy.

To do so, contact us at:

Privacy Officer-Arbella Insurance Group
1100 Crown Colony Drive
P.O. Box 699103
Quincy, MA 02269-9103

Your request must include your complete name, address, date of birth, type of policy held or applied for and all policy numbers issued to you by us. Certain types of information collected when processing claims or involving pending litigation need not be disclosed to you.

Within 30 business days of receiving a request, we will inform you of the nature of the recorded personal information that we have about you. You may review it in person or receive a copy at a reasonable charge. We will identify the persons, institutions or types of institutions to whom we have disclosed such information within 2 years prior to your request. 

After you have reviewed your information, you can contact us if you believe that any of it should be corrected or deleted. You should be specific about what information is wrong and why. We will consider your request and notify you that the change has been made or the reason for our refusal, which you will have an opportunity to challenge.

This notice applies to the following companies:

Arbella Mutual Insurance Co.
Arbella Protection Insurance Co.
Arbella Indemnity Insurance Co.
Bearingstar Insurance Inc.
Covenant Insurance Co.