Account Billing is Here—Opt In Today!

If you’re tired of receiving a bill for each of your policies, we have a great new option for you.  Account Billing allows you to combine all your commercial policies* into one bill, making it easier than ever to do business with Arbella!

 Benefits of Account Billing:

  • Consolidate your policies into one bill, eliminating multiple bills and payments. 
  • Save money every month with one installment fee per bill, not per policy.
  • Enroll in the Automated Payment Plan** and avoid paying installment fees altogether.
  • On one concise, easy-to-read bill, view your account bill number, commercial policy numbers and effective dates, most recent payments, policy premium activity, and balance due.

You’re just a phone call away from taking advantage of this new feature! To opt into Account Billing, contact an Arbella Commercial Lines customer service specialist at 1-800-ARBELLA (272-3552), choose option 3) or your independent insurance agent. 

Eligible policies must meet the following guidelines:

  1. MA, CT, NH, and RI commercial auto policies can be combined with a business owners, artisan, or workers' comp policy.
  2. Your policies must be written with the same agent.
  3. NH policies cannot be combined with policies from other states.
  4. Policies must have the same named insured and/or business name.
  5. Policies must have the same mailing address.





* Policies insured with Commonwealth Automobile Reinsurers, Commercial Umbrella, Commercial Package, Mortgagee policies, and Agency billed policies are not eligible for Account Billing.

** If Automated Payment Plan is selected, the banking information for all policies must be the same. An Automated Payment Plan Authorization form must be completed for each policy combined on the account bill.