Like these:

  • Have a pool in your backyard? Say you host a backyard BBQ and a neighbor who can’t swim ends up in the deep end. Your homeowners insurance liability might not cover all of the medical or legal costs from this incident, but your umbrella policy can.

  • New driver in your family? Say your child is out late driving home from practice, swerves to avoid an animal, and hits another car. Your car insurance liability might not cover all the damage or medical costs of the driver they hit--but your umbrella policy can.

  • We just had an ice storm. And your delivery guy is quickly dropping off a package, but slips and falls on the steps after you just salted. If you get sued for their injuries, your umbrella policy with Arbella will cover your liability – and legal fees!

And remember, accidents don’t just happen in your backyard. Your Arbella Umbrella Policy follows you wherever you go—in your car, even internationally. All this peace of mind for a surprisingly affordable price!

Talk to your agent about Arbella’s Umbrella Policy.

It’s something we don’t like to think about but it is reality. Call your local independent agent and see how umbrella coverage can help protect your future and make the best of what can happen.

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