Umbrella Liability Insurance in Massachusetts and Connecticut

Accidents can happen.

Nobody ever thinks they’ll be in a situation with tragic and costly outcomes, but the reality is it can happen to anyone at any time. Umbrella insurance is designed to provide liability protection over and above the insurance policies you currently have for those unimaginable situations. For a modest price, this policy protects things like your home and assets in case you need to pay for a major liability loss and the legal expenses that come with it.

Situations where umbrella policies could cover unexpected these costs:

  • Do a lot of online shopping? The average slip and fall injuries might seem mild, but they can also be severe. Say your mail carrier is quickly dropping off your package, but slips and falls on the steps you just salted. If they sue you for their injuries, your umbrella policy with Arbella will cover your liability – and legal fees!—from start to finish.

  • Have a new driver in your family? Inexperience with anything can lead to major unforeseen circumstances and in this case could leave you exposed to legal conflict. Say your child is out late driving home from practice, swerves to avoid an animal, and hits another car. Your car insurance liability might not cover all the damage or medical costs of the driver they hit, but your umbrella policy can.

  • Have a pool in your backyard? Even if you put up a fence, accidents can still happen. Say you host a backyard BBQ and a neighbor who can’t swim ends up in the water. Your homeowners insurance liability might not cover all the medical or legal costs the incident initiated, but your umbrella policy can.

Additional umbrella insurance features.

You are covered for the defense costs and attorney’s fees associated with claims against you.

  • After the cost of the settlement, which can be in the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, you still have to pay all of the legal fees and expenses. Your umbrella policy can cover those costs after your primary policy reaches its limit.

You are covered anywhere in the world.

  • Accidents don’t just happen in your backyard. Your umbrella policy follows you – and covers you— wherever you go, even internationally.

Talk to your agent.

Just like nobody thinks about the worst case scenario every day, nobody talks about policy limits and liability costs every day. Call your local independent agent and see how umbrella coverage can help protect your future.