Homeowners Insurance in Massachusetts

You've made a home in Massachusetts. Make us your choice to protect it.

For a Massachusetts homeowner like you, nor’easters may just say it all. That's why Arbella homeowners insurance can cover more of your house than a six-foot snowdrift including fire, lightning, windstorms, hail, frozen pipes, and theft.

If you have a home in Massachusetts, we'll protect your house and property from all that and more. To get the coverage that's right for you and your home, find a local independent agent near you.

Be sure to ask about increased protection in areas like reimbursement for certain expenses related to identity fraud, personal injury coverage, and personal property replacement cost. In addition, every policy our local independent agents customize for you is also backed by a claims department that's known as one of the industry's best. Our special property claims unit is staffed with homeowners claims experts, and it's available to our policyholders 24/7.

Massachusetts homeowners insurance recommendations:

For insurance recommendations specific to Massachusetts homeowners, visit Mass.gov. While you’re protecting your home, find the right coverage for your car as well by investing in home and auto insurance together.

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