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Jewelry Women's Neck
Jewelry Women's Neck

Scheduling Jewelry

Protect Your Prized Possessions

We know accidents happen every day – it’s a part of life! You could drop a ring down the drain, break the clasp on a bracelet, or lose an earring while running errands. It happens! What doesn’t need to happen is the worry that comes from wondering how you’ll repair or replace your favorite pieces. When you schedule your jewelry with us, we’ve got you covered.

Isn’t jewelry covered on my homeowners policy?

Yes, it is! Under your homeowners policy, your personal property is covered. But, the limits on some valuable items might not be as high as you need. For example, if your diamond ring is stolen, you may be covered, but the amount you are covered for is limited. And, your jewelry may not be covered for everything that could go wrong.

When you schedule your jewelry, you’re insured for more situations than just theft. Situations such as a stone falling out of your ring at the beach or damaging a prong on vacation.

Really? How do I get coverage like that?

By scheduling a piece of jewelry onto your homeowners policy, you receive higher limits and a broader range of coverage. If you bend a prong, chip a stone, or even lose the stone, you’re covered!

That sounds great! How do I schedule my jewelry?

Scheduling your jewelry is simple: just bring your insurance agent a copy of a recent receipt or credible appraisal for the item you’d like covered. There is no deductible to schedule property and scheduled property is covered worldwide.

Can I schedule anything else?

Definitely! The golf clubs in your garage, the watch on your wrist, that piano in your living room…all of those can and should be scheduled on your homeowners policy. Give your local, independent agent a call today to learn more about what to schedule and how to get your valuables covered!