What to do if you’ve had an auto accident

Protect yourself, your passengers, and your property.

To care for everyone and everything involved, follow these important steps.

At the accident scene:

  • Make sure everyone is safe.
  • If anyone is injured, call 911 for emergency medical assistance. Don’t move injured parties unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Notify law enforcement.
  • In the case of an auto theft or a hit and run accident, it is very important that you report the loss to the police within 24 hours. Cooperate with the authorities.
  • Exchange insurance and other information with other involved parties and obtain witness information. Remember to collect names, addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers, vehicle descriptions, and injury information for all parties in all vehicles.
  • Do not take responsibility for the loss or discuss accident details with anyone except Arbella, your independent insurance agent, and the police.
  • Report your car insurance claim to Arbella immediately.

If your vehicle was stolen:

Report the theft to your local police department promptly.

If your vehicle had a fire:

Complete a Fire Report in person at your local fire department as soon as possible.