Glass Claim Process

Here to help you see more clearly.

Your windshield is crucial to both safe driving and enjoying the beautiful New England scenery. That’s why, whether you have a small crack or “spider web”, Arbella will get your repair or replacement done quickly.

First, report your claim. Arbella's glass claim specialist will ensure that your coverage is confirmed, and guide you through the claim process until the damage is repaired or replaced.

Repair vs. Replace

Repair has many advantages over replacement:

  • Repair protects the integrity of the original glass windshield, whereas replacement involves breaking the factory seal on your windshield. Repair eliminates any chance of leaks resulting from a poor re-seal from a replacement windshield.
  • Repair is quick and easy—usually 30 minutes or less! Replacement can take as long as two hours and your vehicle will need to sit for an hour or more to let the adhesives cure.
  • Repair is more environmentally friendly. Many windshields, including the adhesives and other synthetic compounds used to seal them, are often discarded which may be toxic.

Replacement is covered when:

  • The point of impact is bigger than a quarter
  • The crack is more than 6 inches
  • The damage obstructs the driver’s line of vision
  • There are three or more chips requiring repair