Car Insurance Claims by State


  • If your vehicle is damaged, talk to one of our licensed appraisers. The fastest and easiest way to get an appraisal is to take it to a local Arbella Massachusetts Appraisal Drive-in Center.
  • If your vehicle isn’t drivable or it isn't convenient to take it to a drive-in claim center, we will send a licensed appraiser to your location of choice.
  • If the vehicle is repairable, the appraiser will write an estimated cost to repair any accident related damage and provide you with a copy, which you should give to your auto body shop prior to beginning the repairs.
  • If the vehicle is a total loss, visit our FAQ to review total loss claim handling procedures.

Once your appraisal is complete, Arbella will send you a list of licensed repair shops in Massachusetts with your claim check. We will provide a list of shops with guaranteed quality work, but you may use any licensed body shop you choose.



If your vehicle is damaged, you have two options in obtaining an appraisal:

  1. You may take advantage of the benefits provided by Arbella’s Connecticut Direct Repair Program where your vehicle will be repaired without delay. There is no need to wait for a check—parts needed for repairs will be ordered within 24 hours of your authorization to repair the vehicle.
  2. Or, you may choose to have one of our licensed appraisers examine your car. They will write an appraisal to repair any damage, and your Arbella Claim Service Specialist issue a check if you are entitled to one.

Still not sure? Your Claim Service Specialist would be happy explain these options, so you can decide what works for you. Remember, you always have the right to choose the licensed repair shop where the damage to your vehicle will be repaired. If the vehicle is a total loss, visit our FAQ to review total loss handling procedures.


All other States

For all other states, your Claim Service Specialist will work with you to arrange an appraisal of your damages, ensure timely payment for what is owed, and assist in identifying repair resources you may need.