Downloadable Forms

Your Claim Service Specialist will discuss with you and send you any forms that are required to process your claim. However, if you need an extra copy of a form, you can download it below.

Application for Duplicate Certificate of Title
Request a new title.

Affidavit of Vehicle Theft
Share important details regarding the theft of your vehicle.

Automobile Loss Notice

Bailment Affidavit
Use this form when you have loaned your auto to another person for their own benefit, and he or she was subsequently in an accident with the vehicle.

Bank Affidavit for Corporations
Certify when someone other than the named party cashed a check. 

Bank Affidavit for Individuals
Certify when someone other than the named party cashed a check.

Commonwealth of Mass Motor Vehicle Crash Operator Report
Provide important information regarding your auto accident, such as involved parties, facts of the accident, and injuries.

General Liability Notice of Occurrence/Claim

Home Inventory Checklist
Use this form to take inventory of your personal belongings in your home. This will help you in the event you experience a loss in the future. 

Notarized Affidavit for Correction
Correct an error on the Assignment of Certificate of Title or Application for Title.

Odometer Disclosure Statement
Provide the mileage on your vehicle as stated on your odometer.

Operator's Report
Provide the details about your recent accident.

Personal Property Inventory Sheet
Itemize damages to personal property in your home.

PIP Application
Apply for medical benefits under your Personal Injury Protection coverage for injuries suffered following an accident.

Property Loss Notice

Total Loss Power of Attorney
Authorize Arbella to apply for a certificate of title, apply for a duplicate title, and/or transfer the vehicle ownership.

Repair Certification
Verify that accident related repairs have been completed, bringing the vehicle back to its pre-accident status.

W9 Form
Provide a Tax ID Number so that payment for professional services can be issued.

Witness Form
Provide important information regarding what you observed as a witness to an accident