Special Investigations Unit

Department Overview

Following up on leads, going door-to-door contacting witnesses, taking recorded statements, canvassing neighborhoods, and spending hours in the courtroom—it may sound like a detective show, but it’s a typical week for our Special Investigation Unit (SIU).

Insurance fraud has many different faces. Whether it’s inaccurate reporting about the garaging location, claiming a “hit while parked” when in fact the vehicle was actually moving, or even staging accidents. The important thing to know is that insurance fraud hurts everyone… not just insurance companies, but the consumer as well. Insurance fraud is not victim-less; everyone pays higher premiums if fraud goes undetected. We take the fight against fraud very seriously, which is why we have a team of seasoned SIU professionals dedicated to fighting fraud to protect the interest of the company and our policyholders.

What They Do for Fun

As intense as that may seem, the SIU team is actually a fun-loving group. They’re made up of car enthusiasts, music lovers, parents and grandparents, golfers, musicians, and much more. The folks in SIU love sharing their hobbies and take an active interest in others’.

It sounds corny—and it might be just that—but the most fun that our SIU employees have is when they do their job well and reap the results from their hard work. It’s the adrenaline rush and excitement they get when they are pursuing a fraudulent claim and the gratification when they catch the perpetrators that makes it all worthwhile. Sometimes it take a lot of work to sort through lots of details, but uncovering fraudulent claims means a job well done. The team has a lot of experience and often exchanges stories for training purposes.

What You Need to Know

If you’re someone who thrives working on a close-knit team, then there may be no better place to work. This is a very eclectic group who enjoy their jobs and each other while supporting each other working together as a team. They don’t seek individual recognition or attention. In fact two SIU employees recently won awards from the Insurance Fraud Bureau—a huge honor—and they don’t even talk about it. It’s not about the individual, it’s about the team. Does this remind you at all of how a local NFL coach manages his squad?

Unlike most SIU departments in the insurance industry, our SIU handles each claim from the referral process to final disposition, whether the claim is settled, compromised, denied and/or  litigated. The team works closely with defense counsel and they are extremely successful when claims are litigated. From the veterans with 30 years of experience to younger staff members who are learning more every day, everybody is engaged in their roles and that’s been the foundation of their success.