Arbella’s On-Site Health Nurse

Meet Jeanne Freiberger! Arbella’s On-Site Health Nurse

It’s all about balance at Arbella. We take a holistic approach to life because we know that our employees are so much more than their careers. Not only do we offer free exercise classes, personal training, meditation, and yoga at our Francis X. Bellotti Wellness Center, but Jeanne Freiberger is there for our employees with advice, care, and assistance about anything health-related.

As an RN, Jeanne can give you a Band-Aid for a paper cut, or aspirin for a headache, but as an Employee Assistance Professional with a sympathetic ear, she also helps with so much more: Whether you’re a new parent, a little nervous about starting a new job, or experiencing any of life’s challenges, Jeanne is your go-to professional with practical advice and if needed, referrals to local specialists.

Jeanne and her Health and Wellness colleagues continuously bring employees the opportunity to live their healthiest lives. From massage therapy, to group health challenges, to our popular annual health fair, you will always find something new to support a healthy lifestyle at Arbella.

Arbella employees enjoy coming to work, and Jeannie is one reason why!