Francis X. Bellotti Wellness Center

Francis X. Bellotti Wellness Center

Many companies claim their employees are their number one value but Arbella proves it every day. We understand that employee well-being leads to increased engagement, retention, and overall business results. So we take a holistic approach to providing our employees with programs and services that support their career, social, financial, physical, and community well-being. 

The Francis X. Bellotti Wellness Center, located at our Quincy headquarters offers a variety of fitness, nutrition, and medical services to Arbella employees designed to help each individual accomplish their health and well-being goals.

Nutrition Programs

Our wellness director is passionate about helping Arbella employees achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. As a certified nutritionist, she also offers a variety of opportunities for employees to acquire knowledge and skills related to healthy eating behaviors. 

  • Free One-on-One Nutrition Counseling

  • Free Group Nutrition Classes 

  • Customized Department Programs to Enhance the Health and Well-being of Employees, including Meditation and Massage Therapy

  • Healthy, Affordable Meal Planning through Dinner Daily

Exercise Programs

Our fitness program manager is committed to ensuring that the exercise programs provided at the Center deliver results for employees at all fitness levels. Programs include: 

  • Free Fitness Evaluation, Consultation, and Circuit Training Instruction

  • Free One-on-One and Small Group Personal Training

  • A Variety of Affordable Exercise Classes, including Yoga and High Intensity Interval Training

  • Walking Clubs and Fitbit Competitions

Medical Health Services

Our on-site occupational health nurse is a strong advocate for medically-related health and well-being. She is available daily to provide consultation on a variety of health concerns.

  • Employee Assistance Assessment and Referral, including “New Mom” Support

  • Ergonomic Evaluation and Recommendations

  • Illness Triage

  • Medical Disability Case Management

Branch Locations

Our Wellness Center staff also provides services and support to all Branch Claim Office locations, including customized programs that address specific departmental needs.