Customer Service Careers

Department Overview

At Arbella, customer service is something we hang our hats on. We’re very proud of our 96% satisfaction rating, and it all starts with our fabulous Customer Service team. The department has about 35 customer service representatives that are committed to delivering exemplary service every single day.

Customer Service is on the front lines with our insureds, answering all questions about billing and policy information. Our staff loves helping people, and when they can help a customer resolve an issue and leave them happy—well, there’s nothing better than that.

What they do for Fun

The goal among Customer Service’s leadership is to promote a fun, positive work environment for their teams. There are all kinds of team-building activities, like volunteering in the community, holiday decorating contests, pot luck lunches, and more. Customer Service is all about the team mentality: work as a team, grow as a team, and have fun as a team. We empower our people with the tools they need to make good decisions and have strong judgment, and we balance it out with a fun and exciting culture. Customer Service folks depend on one another, and the friendships they build can last a lifetime.

What You Need to Know

Our Customer Service department offers employees a fast-paced, dynamic environment. The real-time nature of the work presents a unique challenge and a great way to develop communication skills, talk directly with customers, and learn about the insurance industry. These are the kind of skills that will support you for the rest of your career.

This department offers the chance to jump-start your career with a great amount of responsibility. There’s nothing more rewarding than solving a problem and leaving the customer happy and satisfied. Whether you’re a experienced professional or looking to learn how to become one, our training programs provide each person with the skills they need to continue to grow and develop.

Many people in our Customer Service department find a career there or take on new opportunities in other departments. And, we’re happy to say, they are able to build successful careers because of the skills they acquired with us. So what are you waiting for? Jump-start your career today!