Claim Service Center Careers

Department Overview

In the insurance “biz,” we understand that nothing is more frustrating than having to file a claim. It’s why we’re committed to proving the very best claim service in the market, and our customers agree. The Claim Service Center (CSC) is the front line of contact with our customers and where all claims are setup and triaged. The atmosphere is fast paced and filled with high energy!

The CSC has about 60 employees in total, ranging from fresh college grads to people with 30 years of work experience. It’s a dynamic and exciting environment to work in—every day brings something new. When a customer has a claim, they can speak to the CSC and be confident that they’re in good hands.

What They Do for Fun

The folks in the CSC infuse as much fun as possible into their work day. The office celebrates customer service successes with pizza parties, pot luck luncheons, and ice cream socials.   Due to the camaraderie and teamwork, many friendships have been formed so that when the work day’s over, the group loves to go out and socialize together. 

People can see each other over low partitions between desks, which provides the ability to communicate issues quickly and consistently amongst the team. Employees feel valued and respected by their leaders and peers, and have developed a close-knit group that always welcomes new members.

What You Need to Know

Our CSC representatives are great listeners who are passionate about helping people.  They are trained in insurance terminology and our different lines of business.  In addition to being an incoming call center, the CSC is responsible for processing all claim related mail and faxes as well as mailing claim checks.   Working in the CSC develops a great deal of problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills. Learning how to multitask and be flexible in a fast-paced environment helps to prepare them for the next step in their career.  It’s no wonder that it’s been nicknamed the “pipeline” of talent for the rest of the company!

The CSC leadership team is committed to helping employees grow and thrive. Commencing one’s career in the CSC allows an employee to spend time learning about insurance, customer service delivery, and Arbella’s business initiatives.    CSC staff members are given the opportunity to job shadow in other departments to help them map out a career path and learn what skills are needed for different positions. If you’re interested in a career in insurance, there may be no better place than Arbella’s CSC. Apply today!