Actuarial and Research Analytics

Department Overview

The responsibility of our Actuarial and Research Analytics team is to predict the future. Yes, you read that correctly. The department uses data and advanced statistical techniques to determine trends in pricing, marketplace activity, customer behavior, and more. Arbella applies this insight to drive competitive pricing and increased customer retention.

The department has 22 employees, varying from actuarial analysts, predictive modelers, and data analysts. They’ve put together a unique group of people, from newly hired college grads to people who have been in the business for 35 years. In addition, they have a strong partnership with Northeastern University and host a co-op student every six months. As the insurance industry develops, it’s important to bring in new people with diverse skill sets that can contribute across different functions and service lines.

What They Do for Fun

The nature of actuarial work involves spending the bulk of your time at your computer, but the management team is committed to making sure their employees have fun too. Every year, the group has a summer outing to get out of the office and bond with their co-workers. In the past, they’ve done activities like spending the afternoon at Dave and Buster’s or showcasing their artistic skills at Paint Nite. The department also loves to participate in Arbella’s annual Customer Service Week, taking time to get to know their coworkers with fun personality games.

What You Need to Know

Do you want to make a difference in your job? Arbella’s Actuarial and Research Analytics team might be the perfect spot for you. It’s a rewarding department to be a part of; everything they produce has a real impact on the business and the nature of the work is driven by results. Each of their employees is given tactical, strategic, and research projects and gets the opportunity to work closely with executives.

Everyone in the department comes from vastly different backgrounds, but they all fit in well with what it means to work at Arbella. It’s a great department to be in if you love a challenge and enjoy working in a company that promotes collaboration. There are many training courses and career development opportunities available, and work/life balance is paramount here.