Inside Arbella

Inside Arbella

After winning the Best Place to Work award for the eleventh year in a row, it's no secret by now that Arbella is one of the best places in Boston to build your career. But what does it mean to work for a "Best Place to Work" company? What does an award-winning culture look like?

This is the first post of our Inside Arbella series, designed to showcase some of our many different departments and what it's like working for each of them. You'll find that each department is distinct, but they all share the common thread being an intrinsic part of what makes Arbella unique. Take a look Inside Arbella!

Francis X. Bellotti Fitness Center

At Arbella, It’s All About Balance!

We take a holistic approach to life because we know that our employees are so much more than their careers. At our Francis X. Bellotti Wellness Center, we offer free exercise classes, personal training, guided meditation, and so much more. Our dedicated wellness team is here for our employees with advice, care, and assistance about anything health and wellness related. From massage therapy and nutrition counseling to ergonomics, group health challenges, and our popular annual health fair, you will always find something new to support a healthy lifestyle at Arbella. While the Francis X. Bellotti Wellness Center is located at our Quincy Headquarters, our staff provides services and support to all Branch Claim Office locations, including customized programs that address specific departmental needs. To learn more about Arbella’s Wellness Team, visit our Nutrition, Personal Training, and Nurse pages.

Actuarial and Research Analytics

Want to learn how to predict the future? Our Actuarial and Research Analytics team uses data and advanced statistical techniques to determine trends in pricing, marketplace activity, customer behavior, and more. For those looking for a career in actuarial science and want to make a real impact, this is the place for you. Find out more.

Information Technology

A collaborative work environment, training opportunities, the latest technologies, and ... a chili cook off? Our IT department knows how to work hard and play hard. With flexible schedule options, a great work/life balance, and an easily accessible senior management, what's not to like? Find out more.

Customer Service

Do you like helping people? Are you looking for a fast-paced, collaborative environment in which to jump-start your career? Look no further! Our Customer Service department is a great place to learn communication skills, creative problem solving, and customer interactions. Find out more.

Claim Service Center

Making a claim can be one of the most frustrating parts of owning a home or car. However, at Arbella, we pride ourselves on making that process as smooth and easy as possible. It starts with our Claim Service Center (CSC), where our highly trained staff act as the front-line assets for our valued customers. Find out more.

Special Investigation Unit

Following up on leads, going door-to-door contacting witnesses, taking recorded statements, canvassing neighborhoods, and spending hours in the courtroom—it may sound like a detective show, but it’s a typical week for our Special Investigation Unit. Find out more.