Arbella’s 11th Annual “Pink Day” Raises More than $40,000 for Cancer Screening

Arbella Insurance Group employees team up with the Arbella Insurance Foundation for day-long fundraiser to benefit Dana-Farber’s Community Benefits Program

QUINCY, Mass., October 24, 2019
October 23 marked the eleventh annual Pink Day in which Arbella Insurance Group (Arbella) employees joined forces with the Arbella Insurance Foundation to raise funds for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Arbella employees raised $20,238 in support of cancer screenings and education for medically underserved populations. The Arbella Insurance Foundation matched this contribution for a total donation of $40,476.

“It is truly moving to see our employees rally around a cause that impacts so many, not only in the Arbella family, but across our New England communities,” said John Donohue, chairman, president, and CEO of the Arbella Insurance Group and chairman and president of the Arbella Insurance Foundation. “We were honored to receive the Red Sox Jimmy Fund Award this year for our work with Dana-Farber and we are grateful to have such an influential cancer institute in our own backyard.”

This year, Mix 104.1 radio host Erin O’Malley shared her message of “positivity” during her cancer journey and shared how Dana-Farber helped her throughout her treatment. During the all-day fundraiser, Arbella employees dressed in pink, purchased pink sweat shirts and tee shirts and donated all proceeds to Dana-Farber. Each company department created baskets made with employee donations and raffled them for additional fundraising. All employee contributions will support cancer screening for men and women including Dana-Farber’s Blum Family Resource Center Van community visits in 2020, as well as, Dana-Farber’s Mammography Van stops. To date, Arbella’s Pink Day has raised more than $362, 682 for cancer awareness and screening.

Founded in 2009, Pink Day was created by former Arbella employee Dot Olson after she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent treatment at Dana-Farber. Her experience inspired her to create Pink Day, and since its inception the event has been instrumental in furthering Dana-Farber’s mission to garner continued support for cancer awareness and research. Now retired, Olson still attends the annual Pink Day celebration, which is now coordinated by the Arbella Activities Committee (AAC), a group of employees committed to promoting a culture of teamwork and camaraderie through corporate citizenship and fun.

Magnolia Contreras, director of community benefits at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, visited Arbella’s Quincy headquarters during the Pink Day event to thank employees for their continued support and generosity.

“It is wonderful to see the great support the Arbella team provides to Dana-Farber every year,” said Contreras. “Their employee contributions allow us to fund not only the cancer center itself but the various outreach services, like the mobile Mammography and the Blum Sun Safety Vans, as well.”

Dana-Farber’s Blum Family Resource Center Van is aimed at educating both men and women on how to reduce the incidence of skin cancer in Massachusetts by sharing sun-safe practices and providing free skin cancer screenings for the public. This past summer, the Blum Family Resource Center Van was present at 28 events and reached over 1,600 individuals. In total, 753 individuals were screened, 144 were referred for further testing and 66 were recommended for biopsy.

As the only mobile mammography program in Massachusetts, Dana-Farber’s Mammography Van provides free mammograms and breast health education to medically-eligible women aged 40 years and older. The Mammography Van partners with community-based organizations and neighborhood health centers in its mission to decrease breast cancer morbidity and mortality among medically-underserved women and increase survival rates for those diagnosed with breast cancer.

About the Arbella Insurance Group and the Arbella Insurance Foundation

Established in 1988, the Arbella Insurance Group ( is a company with more than $800M in revenue with approximately $1.5B in assets, headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts. Arbella is a customer-focused regional property and casualty insurance company, providing personal and business insurance in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and business insurance in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. The Arbella Insurance Group founded the Arbella Insurance Foundation in 2004. Recognized as one of the Boston Business Journal’s “Top Charitable Contributors” for eleven consecutive years, the mission of Arbella’s Foundation is to engage in activities and to support not-for-profit organizations that have a significant positive impact on the people and communities served by Arbella.

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