Arbella Insurance Group Celebrates 25 Years

QUINCY, Mass., October 3, 2013 — The Arbella Insurance Group(“Arbella”) today proudly marks its 25th anniversary. Founded in 1988 in Quincy, Massachusetts, Arbella is a local company that prides itself on delivering superior, personalized services to its customers.

In 1988, by a special act of the Massachusetts legislature, Arbella was created to assume the business of the Kemper Group, an insurance company seeking to leave the state’s then-troubled auto insurance market. Arbella’s founders recognized that there was an opportunity to build upon Kemper’s successes by continuing to enhance and strengthen their strong partnerships with a premier network of independent agents. Equally important were the commitments Arbella made at the time to preserve jobs for hundreds of its employees. And, as a mutual company owned by policyholders, Arbella continued to build financial strength on their behalf. Arbella’s charge is and always has been to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction while focusing on relationship management, risk selection and loss management. Arbella’s leadership has stayed true to these principles throughout the past 25 years.

“We’re proud to be celebrating our 25th anniversary,” said John Donohue, chairman, president and CEO of the Arbella Insurance Group. “Our tagline – Here. For Good. – really is more than a slogan. It sums up our philosophy and our approach to the way we do business. Like our customers, we live here and are devoted to New England. We know this territory, and understand the weather challenges and our customers’ needs better than anyone. Excellence in service has been and continues to be the hallmark of our company. In fact, Arbella’s customer service ratings have reached the highest point in our company’s history.”

During the past decade, service has taken on a whole new meaning at Arbella. The Arbella Insurance Foundation (“Foundation”) was formed in 2004 to support not-for-profit organizations that have a significant positive impact on the people and communities served by Arbella.

The impact of Arbella’s commitment to the communities it serves can be felt all over New England. What started as a simple notion to do the right thing has become a vital part of the company. Arbella employees have logged more than 1,000 volunteer hours each year since the Foundation began. In seven years, the Foundation has donated more than $13 million to 960 different charities. Arbella is deeply committed to giving back to the community and, as often as possible, doing so in partnership with its independent agents.

In recognition of Arbella’s 25th anniversary, the Foundation created a special program called “50 to 25,” through which it awarded one-time grants of $50,000 to 25 local charities throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut. The Foundation’s Selection Committee chose the 25 recipient charities from proposals thoughtfully submitted by Arbella employees, independent insurance agents and longtime charitable partners. Checks were presented to the selected charities at a celebratory luncheon in September.

Due in part to the philanthropic opportunities it offers employees, Arbella has consistently ranked as one of the best places to work in New England. The company, which employs 900 workers, prides itself on attracting the best talent in the area. For five consecutive years, Arbella has been recognized as one of the Boston Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” in the large business category. The award program recognizes companies with high levels of employee satisfaction and positive workplace cultures. Arbella’s employee retention rate clearly demonstrates this success – 70 percent of Arbella employees have been with the company for five or more years, and more than 34 percent for at least 15 years.

“We’re so proud of the positive culture we’ve built here at Arbella,” said Gayle O’Connell, senior vice president of human resources and corporate communications at the Arbella Insurance Group. “We strive to make our employees feel appreciated and inspired to do great work; and that translates to phenomenal customer service and a strong commitment to making a difference in our communities. We truly have the best team in the business.”

About the Arbella Insurance Group and the Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation
Established in 1988, the Arbella Insurance Group ( is a company with more than $600M in revenue with approximately $1B in assets, headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts.  Arbella is a customer-focused regional property and casualty insurance company, providing personal and business insurance in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and business insurance in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. Arbella Insurance Group founded the Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation in 2004.  The mission of the Foundation is to engage in activities and to support not-for-profit organizations that have a significant positive impact on the people and communities served by Arbella.