Project Bread

Hunger exists throughout Massachusetts, but because it is concentrated in specific areas it is not always apparent. With thousands of Massachusetts families struggling with food insecurity, Project Bread is active in seeking solutions to ensure that every family has access to the health nutritious food they need. Project Bread's mission is to alleviate, prevent, and ultimately end hunger across the Commonwealth.

A Growing Partnership

The Arbella Insurance Foundation was introduced to Project Bread in 2008 and its partnership has grown over the years. In addition to its annual Transportation Sponsorship of the Walk for Hunger, Team Arbella has grown in numbers and dollars, with more than 500 Arbella Insurance Group employees and their families and friends walking and raising thousands of dollars each year.

The Walk for Hunger

Participating in the Walk for Hunger has become a tradition for Arbella employees who look forward to joining their co-workers and families on the first Sunday of May each year, no matter the weather. In the seven years they have participated, Team Arbella and the Arbella Insurance Foundation have donated a combined $738,000. The money raised every year from the Walk for Hunger helps support local food pantries, community based meal programs, early childhood and school nutrition, and improved access to farm to table resources.

Healthier Meals through the Chefs in Schools Program

In addition to supporting the Walk, the Foundation has been a major supporter of Project Bread’s Chefs in Schools program. This program brings chefs into public school cafeteria kitchens to teach staff how to create healthier meals that children will find visually appealing and tasty—on a public school budget. The program has been a success, and the Foundation has provided a four-year $1 million gift to help expand the program into additional schools throughout the state. To learn more about Project Bread or how you can help fight hunger in Massachusetts, visit their website or Facebook page.