Journey Forward

When Dan Cummings became a quadriplegic from a diving accident at 17, he was told he would never walk again. Despite this prognosis, Dan spent four years in an intense physical therapy program in California and was, incredibly, able to walk again. Seeing what this rigorous physical therapy did for him, Dan has since dedicated himself to helping and bringing hope to others who have been told they will never walk. In 2004, after moving back to Massachusetts, Dan founded Journey Forward, an intense and exercise-based program dedicated to bettering the lives of individuals with spinal cord injuries. Journey Forward guides its clients through numerous rehabilitation activities, including gait training, load bearing, and full-body neural stimulation.

An Inspirational Partnership

Impressed with Dan’s ambition and commitment to help others, the Arbella Insurance Foundation was eager to partner with Journey Forward and to support Dan’s commitment. The Foundation has been the Title Sponsor of Journey Forward’s annual fundraiser since 2009. In September 2013, the Foundation awarded Journey Forward a $50,000 grant through its $50 to 25 Program, which was used to purchase a state-of-the-art device designed to facilitate the sensorimotor experience of walking through body weight-supported treadmill training.

The Foundation has also become a sponsor of Journey Forward’s annual Walk Fundraiser. The money raised at this annual event is for the Journey Forward Financial Assistance Program, which was created to aid those individuals who otherwise would not be able to afford the program. Arbella Insurance Group employees are able to support Journey Forward by attending this annual fundraiser.

In 2018, Journey Forward celebrated its 10th anniversary, a huge milestone for the organization. The Foundation is so proud to say we have been by their side since the beginning.

Making A Positive Impact

Throughout the years, Journey Forward has helped approximately 300 people from around the world. They currently serve 78 clients at their facility in Canton, MA.

To learn more about Journey Forward, please visit their website or Facebook page.