Boston Med Flight

Boston MedFlight is a critical care transport service that provides emergency ground and air transportation for seriously ill or injured patients across New England. Critical care transport is an essential component of a health care delivery system, and for nearly three decades, unparalleled cooperation and collaboration among the Boston MedFlight consortium hospitals has created and supported a critical care transport system that benefits the entire region. For 30 years, Boston MedFlight has provided care to more than 56,000 patients throughout the Commonwealth and New England region via helicopter, airplane, or ground.

Boston MedFlight provides emergency critical care transport to all patients regardless of their ability to pay, and provides millions of dollars each year in  free and non-reimbursed care to patients with little or no insurance.

Partnership with Arbella’s Foundation

The Arbella Insurance Foundation began its support of Boston MedFlight in 2005, and has since provided annual support for the organization’s safety prevention programs and community outreach services. In 2013, the organization was awarded one of the Foundation’s 50 to 25 grants, which allowed them to purchase eight pediatric video laryngoscopes to help medics insert breathing tubes into patients’ airways. Funds were also used for training the medical team on the use of this equipment. 

Boston MedFlight is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2015, and the Arbella Insurance Foundation is proud to celebrate their accomplishments over the years as a primary sponsor of their Patient Reunion. The reunion will be an opportunity for patients and their families to speak with the individuals who played an important role in their recovery and to see the vehicles and equipment that saved their lives. This event will provide closure for many former patients and help them move on from a traumatic experience.

To learn more about Boston MedFlight, visit their website or Facebook page.