Meet Jodi Our Patient Partner

As part of our partnership with The Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber, we are excited to announce this year we have teamed up with Jodi Killeffer, a cancer survivor and our Patient Partner.

Through this program, Corporate Partners are invited to be matched with a patient, currently or previously treated at Dana-Farber. Partnering with an organization is an empowering opportunity for the patient to share their story, talk about their experience being treated at Dana-Farber and give back by serving as a community advocate. For us, as an organization, the patient partner relationship is a great way to rally our community of employees, agents and customers around a specific patient’s story and truly gives a face to the cause, making the partnership that much more meaningful.

Jodi Killeffer is just one of the many people who has benefited from the wonderful fundraising done for cancer research and treatment. We are so excited to have Jodi join our Arbella family!

Jodi's Story

“At just 16 weeks pregnant, it was a whirlwind to find out I had cancer, especially after experiencing four miscarriages. I was devastated by the life-changing news, but knew I had to stay strong and persevere. My unborn baby became the ultimate motivation for surviving treatment and conquering cancer while pregnant.

My journey at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute began immediately.

After I was diagnosed, I called Dana-Farber on a Friday afternoon and was seen the following Tuesday by a team of specialists who specifically treated pregnant women with breast cancer. By the time the appointment was over, I had a treatment plan in place and all of my questions were answered.

Initially I thought, “Am I going to have to choose between myself and the baby?” I told my doctors I would choose my daughter’s well-being over my own and that was all I cared about. My fears melted away when my doctor took my hands and told me she cared about me. This pivotal moment solidified I was in the right place, receiving the safest and most innovative treatment to save not only my baby, but my life as well.

Over a year has passed since my first round of treatment and I am so grateful to say my family will be celebrating my daughter Cora’s first birthday in September! Cora and I grow stronger together each day, but our fight is not over and we still need your support.”

To learn more about the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber or to make a donation please visit their site.