Arbella Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

As Arbella pulled away from the dock over 25 years ago, the waters were murky and perilous. The wind blew fiercely against our sails. But we remained vigilant, and we followed our star. Through the rough seas of 1988 to the calmer waters of today, it is a course from which we have never wavered.

The idea to create a mutual company brought with it a larger intention; we were owned by and ultimately responsible to our policyholders. Our focus would be on people, not the bottom line. Arbella was different, and we would have to carry ourselves that way.

Led by former Massachusetts Attorney General Frank Bellotti and Arbella chairman, president, and CEO John Donohue, our board of directors was selected to reflect that difference. They shared a common bond – a background in public service and a commitment to the people in their community. Service would be the cornerstone of our company, and we would set the bar astoundingly high.

Arbella’s difference stands out most in the way our customers are treated. Excellence in service has become the hallmark of our company. We are at our greatest when times are toughest. When massive storms sweep through New England, efforts are doubled to answer concerns and expedite assistance. It’s become commonplace for Arbella to be first on the scene, assessing the damage and putting checks in hands. During extreme weather emergencies, employees go the extra mile, ensuring the manpower necessary to support our customers in their darkest hours. Claims surveys reported what we already knew. Approval ratings of our customer service have put us at the top of the industry.

More than twenty-five years have passed, but Arbella is just beginning. We survived our rocky launch from shore with grit, tenacity and the belief that with good intentions come great rewards. And while we are still in the infancy of our voyage, our philosophy and ideals have had more than enough time to mature. They are what will guide us as we continue our journey across the open seas. We may not know what challenges lie ahead, but we now know who we are and how we will face them. Our course is set. We have been, and always will be, Here. For Good