What Our Customers Say

"Upon being contacted by Ms. Reid, regarding an auto claim, I was speechless, and quite frankly dumbfounded, by the polite, cordial, and friendly, cooperative personality of Ms. Reid. She was extremely patient, gentle, and courteous with me affording to me her undivided personal attention. I am not so conceited as to think I was the only claimant Ms. Reid had conversed with today. Ms. Reid displayed an infectious personality containing of kindness and compassion for my position as having experienced an auto loss."

-Norman D.

"I wanted to let you know that Sandra is great!. Sandra is extremely knowledgeable about the entire process and extremely proficient in follow up and communication. I have not been in an accident in many years so I am not very used to the process but Sandra took care of everything for us which was quite refreshing. Sandra represented Arbella in the best of light, was an advocate for us against the other carrier and was very reachable and again extremely responsive. I am very glad that I have Arbella as my agency and will continue to do business with your firm due to this very pleasant experience."

-Kevin T.

"My experience with Arbella has been absolutely fantastic. As someone professionally familiar with customer service management, I can truly appreciate the extra mile Arbella's staff takes to deliver exceptional service. Arbella has had my back twice now since I've been doing business with them and I have to list them among the most professional companies I've ever dealt with. Many companies promise everything and when the time comes, they either fail to deliver or the process is annoying and cumbersome. With Arbella, they go out of their way to guarantee satisfaction and make the process as smooth and customer friendly as possible." 

-Michael T.

"All companies can be great when collecting your monthly payments but when you have a claim is when you really know if you picked the right company. Arbella is there when you need them. Believe it I am a customer and have been for several years and when I had a claim they were awesome. So not only are they the best place to work but they are the best place to have your insurance."

-Carol T.

“I work with a lot of insurance companies in the construction business, but the service that Arbella delivered has surpassed them all. My adjustor was informative, responsive, and friendly. It was a breath of fresh air!”

-Amanda C.

"I just want to thank you and tell you how pleased we are with our recent dealings with you and Arbella. From the first phone call to you to receiving a check to make repairs to our home, your service was  better than anyone could expect.  Your quick response to assess the damages at the sight  and the efficiency on your part to process the claim was superb. There is nothing worse than to look at the destruction every day and not have the ability to proceed with the repairs until we receive a check.  Your attention to our problem is very much appreciated.  We feel like we were your only customer... and that says a lot for the thousands you serve. When people do good work we like to let them know.  It seems to keep them doing the same for others.  Your work was GREAT.  We will be sure to let friends and family know how being part of Arbella Insurance is a smart choice."

-Ron L.

"Now that the entire claims process is over, my first, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how much we appreciate your handling of our claim.  Not that I ever want to go thru it again ( one and done is fine with me ) it is nice to know that dealing with Arbella, and more importantly you, makes the entire process a lot easier and pleasant. So from my wife Lisa and I, a big THANK YOU!!"

-Thomas P.

"My husband and I recently had a claim with Arbella for damage to our home due to ice dam/snow storm damage. Our analyst, Matthew Fithian, contacted me immediately and explained the process, how and when things would happen and, through the following weeks/months, continued to answer my many questions. 'When' and 'how' went exactly as Matthew said it would. No surprises, no disappointments... I know how fortunate I am to have had Matthew helping me and Arbella for providing us with an excellent representative."

-Sandy E.

"When my insured called in a claim she was extremely nervous as she had never filed a claim (and she is alone in her home).  She contacted me to tell me how wonderfully she was treated by Heidi F.  Heidi reassured her and handled her so compassionately (and on a weekend!!) The insured was so relieved and happy with the service she provided. Just wanted to let you know how nice it is to get a call like that from an insured and to say thanks! 

-Lynn W., Harrington Insurance Agency

"My parents were recently involved in an out of state car accident and their claim was handled by Chris L.  I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Chris for professionally and promptly handling their claim.  My parents were quite shaken by the accident and Chris made sure that the claim moved forward with no hassle. Many thanks to Chris and Arbella in helping us through this tough time."


"I have contacted Kristin Ridge on several occasions and she has been very patient and has given me wise counsel. I just wanted you to know that in today's environment, it is rare to be treated in such a professional and patient manner. You probably only hear about the bad things that went wrong—but never about the good things. Ms. Ridge is not only an asset to your organization, but also a credit to herself."


"Although no one wants to have a claim, it is always appreciated when we see someone with a kind heart and the knowledge to deal with the claim and walk the customer through a difficult process. Marlene Trefethen gets an A+ from me.  I am proud to say we are an agent with Arbella!" 

Mark L., Pryor Insurance Agency

"In a word, Renee was terrific.  She was professional, available, and worked through the holidays to settle the claim quickly. She is a great representative for Arbella and I hope you will recognize her for a job well done."


"I just had to report a claim (I’m with Liberty Mutual) after being hit by one of your insured. I could not have been treated better if Arbella was my own company. Brendan (Quincy, MA office) was great, professional, clear and concise. I was treated better by him than my own insurance company ... which WON’T be my insurance company when it’s time to renew. We can thank Brendan for that. He should know that how he handled himself and treated me is the best advertisement for Arbella that there could be. Thank you very much for training people correctly. He’s a star!"

-Lorelei A.

"I know FB posts to insurance companies' pages are usually negative, but I'd like to give some credit to Arbella here. I recently switched to Arbella auto insurance and soon after got into a car accident. The accident was not my fault (i.e. Arbella didn't actually have to pay out for the claim) but they were very helpful throughout the entire process. I hope they are just as helpful if I ever get into an accident that's deemed my fault. They were also cheaper than my old insurance company! Thanks Arbella!"

- Luke B .

"I never really understood the benefit of having car and home insurance with a local company until we went with Arbella. Our agent truly understands our needs because he lives in our town. Arbella is a company of New Englanders, and they get the quirks of this part of the country (rotaries, Nor'easters, etc.) -- and I think that that matters. It definitely shows through in every interaction we've had with them. My family has had all of our insurance policies (car, home) with Arbella for a couple of years now -- they've been so helpful whenever we need them."

- Alex O.

"I have been a customer of Arbella's home and auto insurance since 2004.  Rates area always top notch and competitive. Even though I never make any claims and have never been in an accident as an Arbella customer, my agent keeps in touch every year and let me know of new discounts and what not."

- Michael S.

 "This review is about the best customer service that I ever had in my life with an insurance company. It's all made possible by the claim rep Patricia Pacella she was the best person go above and beyond and understanding my pain, understand everything that I went through going above and beyond to explain to me the procedures. I am happy to have a Arbella Insurance as my insurance company and to have someone like Patricia Pacella as my claim rep that they deserve a five star. Arbella thank you having someone like that on your staff."

- David A.