This is My Home Now

This past winter, one of our insureds suffered a devastating fire at her home. We’ll call her “Sue.” Situations like this can be very traumatic for anyone to go through. Luckily for Sue, she didn’t have to endure it alone. An Arbella claim adjustor, Diane Lewis, lived just a few blocks away and rushed to the scene to help out.

While the firefighters were battling the blazes, Diane hugged Sue and offered comforting words that everything was going to be okay. She was freezing standing outside in the middle of January, so Diane ran to her car, fished out her son’s high school football blanket, and wrapped her in it. “I always try to approach these situations with empathy,” said Diane. “After all, this is their home. How would I feel if it was happening to me?”

For four straight days, Diane stayed on the claim with Sue to help her take inventory of all the losses. They went through the house room by room and took stock of all her damaged belongings. The two quickly formed a bond, and Diane was allowed to stay on the claim longer than was technically needed because of their connection. In fact, Sue’s son had even come home the next day to make sure his mom wasn’t taken advantage of by her insurance company. However, after a few hours with Diane, he said, “You know what, Mom? You don’t need me. You’re in good hands.”

A Lasting Friendship

Months later, Diane and Sue remain friends. Sue has been working to put her life and home back together, and Diana has continued to help her. One day, Sue called and asked if she could stop by Diane’s house. She brought a gift basket and a heartfelt card, expressing her gratitude for Diane’s kindness and compassion. As far as Diane was concerned, she was just doing her job. “She didn’t have to do that. I gained a friend through the ordeal. That was thanks enough,” said Diane.

Stories like these are what embody the spirit of Arbella—a local company that cares about people. It’s not just a tagline, it’s something we live every day.

As Diane says, “I always tell my customers: This is my home now. And I’m going to do everything I can to put my home back together.”