The Promise

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Audrey O'Brien, claims tech specialist, recently met with an Arbella insured (who we'll call “Mary”) as part of a routine investigation after a non-household family member had died tragically in an accident while driving her vehicle. The family member wasn't a named driver on Mary’s Arbella policy, and aside from being grief-stricken, she was extremely worried about the financial consequences. When Audrey informed Mary that Arbella would pay for the entire cost of the funeral, Mary broke down. “She was thankful that we were able to help during such a difficult time,” Audrey said.

But the story doesn’t end there...

Mary told Audrey that several of her personal items were still in the car and she wanted to retrieve them. “I told her I should be the one to get the items from the car,” Audrey explained. “I didn’t want her to see the damage that had been done to it.” Unfortunately, the car was on a police hold, so no one would have access to it until the police released the vehicle. Audrey visited the tow lot and asked to be notified as soon as the police hold was lifted.

A few days later, Audrey was enjoying some vacation time with her family in Dennis when she received the phone call from the towing company that the police hold was no longer in effect. Without hesitation, Audrey made the hour and a half trip from Dennis to Dedham, where the car was kept, to retrieve the items for Mary and deliver them to her.

As Audrey saw it, she was simply doing her job. “I promised her I’d do it, so I did it. Mary had just suffered a terrible loss and I had to do whatever I could to ease her burden. Sometimes in our busy lives, it can be easy to forget the impact we can have on other people. I’m just grateful that in this situation, I was able to see how powerful a small favor like that can be. It’s something I’ll never forget.”