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General Questions 

  • Is a secure website?
    Yes, our site was developed with safe and secure Internet transactions in mind. Any transactions processed will have https in front of the URL to indicate that you are now in a "secure session" and any information sent to Arbella will be encrypted.
  • What is the difference between my insurance agent and my insurance carrier?
    Arbella is an insurance carrier. We’re the people who actually insure your car, home, business, and other possessions. We also handle insurance claims and billing inquiries. Your local independent agent is the person who sells you the Arbella insurance policy. We work with only the finest independent agents in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. They share our belief in excellent, one-on-one customer service. They’ll use their knowledge and expertise to get you the right coverage.
  • How can I find an Arbella insurance agent?
    You can find a local Arbella independent insurance agent by entering your zip code at the bottom left of this page where it says, “Find a local independent agent.”
  • What insurance discounts do you offer?
    Arbella offers car insurance discounts for being a safe driver, taking driver safety training, combining your Arbella car insurance and home insurance, and many more. Contact your local independent agent to see if you are eligible for one or more of our insurance discounts.
  • Who do I call to change my address
    Your independent agent will be able to makes changes to your address and any other parts of your Arbella insurance policy.
  • How can I get a copy of my insurance policy or my bill?
    Your independent agent can provide you with a copy of your policy declaration page and a copy of your most recent bill.
  • How do I obtain Loss Runs for my business insurance policy?
    You can either contact your independent agent or fax your request directly to Arbella at 617-745-7493. Your request must be on company letterhead and include your name and company job title. Your loss runs will be mailed to you via USPS regular mail.
  • Why can’t I access my insurance policy online?
    Your agent is available to service your Arbella insurance policy needs and answer any general or billing questions you may have.

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MyArbella Questions

  • Can I add multiple policies to one MyArbella account?
    Yes! You can add all your Massachusetts personal Arbella policies—auto, home, umbrella, renters, and condo—to your MyArbella account.
  • Can my policies be linked to more than one MyArbella account?
    No, an Arbella policy can only be linked to one MyArbella account.
  • What is my MyArbella login? Can I change it?
    Your MyArbella login is your email address. If you need to change your email, no problem! Just login to MyArbella and go to Account Settings. Select “Update Contact Information” and change your email address.
  • Can I change my MyArbella password?
    Yes. Simply login to MyArbella, go to Account Settings, and click Change My Password.
  • What if I lost or forgot my password?
    Not a problem! Just click the link that says “Forgot Your Password?” on the login screen. Then you’ll be prompted to enter the email address associated with your account. From there, we will verify your account security question with you and send you an email with instructions on how to reset your password.
  • What browsers is MyArbella optimized for?
    You can access MyArbella from any web browser, but your experience will be best if you use Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 8 or higher (not in compatibility mode). And don’t forget—you can also access MyArbella from your favorite mobile device!
  • How do I add or remove policies on MyArbella?
    When you register for MyArbella, you’ll be asked to add a policy to your account. To add additional policies, go to My Policies and click Add Policy. To remove policies go to the Account Settings section of the site and select the Linked Policies item. There will be an option to remove your policy from the account.
  • Do all my policies linked need to be with the same independent agent?
    No, your policies can be with different independent agents.
  • Why can’t I add my policy to MyArbella?
    If you’re having trouble adding a policy, please contact Arbella Customer Service at 1-800-ARBELLA (272-3552). Representatives are available for you Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM or by email at
  • Who do I contact with questions about MyArbella?
    For MyArbella support, please contact Arbella Customer Service at 1-800-ARBELLA (272-3552). Representatives are available for you Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM or by email at