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Why use an independent agent?

These days more and more people are signing up for insurance online. While it’s certainly convenient, it’s also impersonal and not always ideal. We love working with independent insurance agents, and chances are you will too. Here are a few reasons to talk to an independent agent:

They can craft the right coverage for you

There’s a difference between having insurance and really being covered. An independent agent gets to know you and your family to make sure you have the right coverage, and enough of it. They will answer questions you didn’t even think to ask. Do you know what PIP or optional BI coverage is? Do you know if you need them? An independent agent’s job is to have the answers and help build you a policy that fits your life.

They find discounts that you didn’t know were there

Agents can help you find savings you didn’t know you qualified for. Did you know that owning a hybrid can earn you a discount on your auto policy, and installing an alarm system can cut the rate on your homeowners insurance? There are a seemingly endless number of discounts available, and the list is always growing. An agent can find all the discounts that you qualify for and show you how to save on your premium by combining your policies where appropriate.

They guide you through the complex world of insurance

Independent agents deal with insurance companies all day. They can give you the inside scoop: which companies are easy to deal with, which ones pay their claims quickly, and who treats you best. If you ever have to file a claim, an agent will guide you through the process and advocate on your behalf to ensure the claim process runs smoothly.

They live in your community

Independent agents are local. They live and work in your community which means that they understand what kind of weather you deal with, what kind of roads you drive down—what it’s like to be you. Better still, when you choose a local agent, you are investing in and strengthening your community.

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